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Artificial intelligence 


DestroSolutions includes this training as part of its innovative Cyber Security Training Program.

ISO/IEC 24029 stands as an internationally recognized standard offering comprehensive guidance for the creation, advancement, implementation, and utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems. It encompasses a wide array of subjects related to the resilience of neural networks, spanning from data management, assessment and validation, to AI development and operations. This Standard is bifurcated into two distinct sections:

1. Part-1: This section outlines fundamental principles and general guidelines governing the design, development, implementation, and utilization of AI Systems.

2. Part-2: Building upon the groundwork laid in Part-1, this section delves into supplementary recommendations and guidelines tailored for designing, developing, implementing, and employing AI systems in specific scenarios and environments.

This standard is strategically crafted to serve as a universal framework catering to organizations of varying sizes and operating across diverse industries engaged in the development or utilization of AI Systems. It extends insightful advice on crafting AI Systems that prioritize safety, reliability, and trustworthiness in their design, development, implementation, and usage.

Courses Offered in AI Systems

Overview Courses

1. EU AI act - Principals and Implications - (2 day Course)

2. ISO/IEC TS 4213 - Assessment of Machine Learning Classification Performance -  (1/2 day Course)

Certification Trainings:

1. ISO/IEC 24029 Artificial Intelligence - Assessment of the robustness of neural network (1 day Course and 1.5h Exam on Topics)

2. ISO/IEC TR 5469 - Functional safety and AI Systems 1 day Course + 1.5h Exam

3.ISO/IEC 5259 - Data Quality for analytics and ML (3.5 day Course and +1/2 day exam)

4.ISO/IEC TR 24027 - Bias in AI Systems and AI aided decision making (1 day Course + 1.5h exam)

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