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Secure your automotive systems with our specialized penetration testing service


  •  OEMs wanting to maintain good relationships with owners, dealers,r egulatory agencies, and the public  

  • Tier1 suppliers looking to provide trusted components at a competitive price

  • Regulatory agencies seeking to understand risk and responsibilities in an evolving industry

Auto Virtual Reality

During Black Box testing, you only provide us with your company name or your website address, and do not provide any additional information about your system’s IT infrastructure, IP addresses, etc. In this case, we find out all the additional information we need on our own. The advantage of this method is that in this way a real situation with an attack by a hacker is simulated. The disadvantages of the Black Box method include the fact that it does not allow you to fully assess the security of your company, since the attacker, as a rule, conducts long-term preparations and reconnaissance. A pentester, unlike a hacker, is limited by rigid time frames.


White Box Penetration testing as a service is the complete opposite of Black Box. In this type of testing, you provide us with all the necessary data about the infrastructure, including administrative access to all servers and other information related to the test object. At the same time, your security team is also aware of the pen testing, and testing is more like an independent audit. The advantage of the White Box is the most complete and comprehensive approach to testing that allows you to detect the maximum number of vulnerabilities, since the pentester does not spend extra time collecting information about the object and is fully focusing on the testing process itself. As a drawback, we can note the fact that white box testing is the least close to a real hacker attack.

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Auto Virtual Reality
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Grey BOX

When testing with the Gray Box method, you tell us only some of the initial parameters of the test object. At the same time, in order to reduce the time of testing and to best direct our efforts, we may periodically request additional information from you necessary during the testing process.
The Gray Box Penetration testing as a service combines the advantages of White Box and Black Box, while maintaining a fairly close resemblance to the actions of a real hacker.

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