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Destro Industry Sector

Destro is a multifaceted player in the realm of automated and autonomous systems, operating across various domains. Our proficiency extends to offering consultation and certification services for a diverse spectrum of standards concurrently.



Autonomous driving, connectivity, and electrification are the primary drivers of innovation in the automotive industry. These advancements are leading to increasingly complex functionalities in vehicle systems, necessitating higher safety standards for software-based automotive systems.

Leveraging our expertise in automotive solutions, including FUSA (ISO 26262), Cysec (ISO 21434), SOTIF (ISO 21448), and ASPICE, Destro is committed to providing a comprehensive range of services. Our offerings encompass everything from the development and implementation of processes to certification, backed by training and consultation support.

Our services encompass Gap Analysis, Training, Process Implementation, and Certification.

Industrial Machinery

Industry 4.0 is ushering in a transformative era in automation, driven by AI and predictive maintenance. This shift is giving rise to machinery that interacts with human operators, maintenance personnel, and even the public, resulting in safety-critical interfaces. The utmost reliability of safety features is paramount in all these scenarios.

Destro undertakes the assessment of safety and security risks in accordance with the EU machinery directives EU 2006/42 and related standards, including EN/IEC 61508, EN/ISO 13849, EN/IEC 62061 for safety, and IEC 62443 for security, through a comprehensive certification and inspection program.

Mechanical Engineer



Presently, the railway industry stands at the threshold of an exhilarating era marked by innovation and automation. This promising phase promises to elevate safety, security, energy efficiency, and user experience to new heights.

At Destrosolutions, we specialize in conducting independent inspections and product certifications to provide you with the assurance that your railway systems meet safety and security standards while complying with relevant regulations.

Digital Health

Digital Health Technologies have become an integral part of our daily lives, offering significant potential for the use of digital health solutions and automation. While these innovative applications bring numerous benefits, they also present new challenges in two key domains.

1. Cybersecurity: Ensuring the protection of patient and critical data privacy and integrity, as well as the security of vital connected devices to prevent potential breaches or remote control.

2. Functional Safety: Guaranteeing the operational safety of automated devices such as ICU equipment, insulin pumps, pacemakers, and the utilization of neural networks in controlling these devices or supporting medical teams in tasks like image scanning for cancer detection. This pertains to maintaining their safe and reliable operation.

Destro can assist in addressing and mitigating these risk areas effectively.



1. Gap-analysis 

 2. Certificate

3. Training

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