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Charging communication according to ISO 15118


DestroSolutions includes this training as part of its innovative Cyber Security Training Program.

Between electric vehicle and charging infrastructure, the communication standard ISO 15118 is specified by the European Union. They exchange data for secure charge control, authentication, billing and load management.

With the other way that charges control is required to implement the functions mentioned, for example the electricity supplier, charge point operator and e-mobility provider. Other communication protocols are used for this purpose. None of the available standards have yet been established, but the functions including e-roaming must now be implemented. Communication standards are important as OCPP and IEC 61850 as well as the SPINE, SEP 2.0 and Echonet Lite protocols for smart home systems.

Goal of further education

You will receive an overview of the available communication standards with which the overall E-mobility system is implemented. Current questions from practice are discussed.


Professionals from companies in the vehicle sector, manufacturers of charging stations, energy suppliers and service providers who want to get an overview of the communication standards


introduction and basics
- private (HEMS) charging access
- public charging access
- Smart Charging

Use cases for smart charging

Communication system for smart charging rollers

Standardized communication protocols for smart charging

Standard ISO/IEC 15118

Smart Home Communication Standards
– SEP 2.0
- Echonet Lite

Overview of backend protocols in public charging systems
– 61850
– IEC 63110

Implementation in practice

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