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This course to become an intacs™-certified Provisional Assessor provides you with a detailed understanding of the Automotive SPICE® model. The training takes you through numerous practical exercises, allowing you to independently apply process improvements to individual topics. This enables you to assess and optimise the processes used at your own company.


Interested in understanding and improving the processes used at your company according to the ISO 33000 standard and Automotive SPICE®? Also interested in gaining a thorough understanding of standards and assessment methods? Then our Automotive SPICE® training (intacs™-certified) is exactly what you’re looking for!

This training will provide you with detailed insights into the structure and subject matter of Automotive SPICE® assessments. You will learn how to assess processes at your company and conduct comprehensive evaluations of processes.

The quality of training offered through our certification courses is audited by intacs™ and the VDA QMC.


  • Detailed understanding of the Automotive SPICE® reference model

  • Process assessments using Automotive SPICE®

  • First experience with planning, conducting and documenting assessments

  • Graduation as an intacs™-certified Automotive SPICE®Provisional Assesso


To gain certification as an intacs™-certified Provisional Assessor (Automotive SPICE), you are expected to Pass the exam successfully

  • At least two years of relevant full-time professional experience: in R&D projects for software-based automotive electronics systems or quality assurance-related processes in this area.

  • Participants must be registered intacs® Provisional Assessors

  • Participants should have several years of professional experience in the IT industry (e.g. software/system development, project management, quality management, etc.).

  • Participation in the training and the examination are independent of the requirements for certification as Competent Assessor Automotive SPICE®.

The content corresponds to the curriculum published by intacs®, is based on and expanding the content of the Provisional Assessor training. The training is conducted by using the current version of the intacs® training materials:

  • Theory and architecture of ISO/IEC 330xx (components and relationships)

  • Requirements for the conformity of an assessment model

  • Process and capability dimension: deepening, typical pitfalls, common procedures based on the requirements of the process evaluation model

  • Assessment planning: Collecting the assessment input, creating an assessment plan

  • Management of assessment teams

  • Dealing with extreme situations

  • Carrying out assessments at distributed locations and in different countries

  • Procedures for reporting to the project team and to the management

  • Coaching of Provisional Assessors: Qualification Criteria and their verification

  • nt countries

  • Procedures for reporting to the project team and to the management

  • Coaching of Provisional Assessors: Qualification Criteria and their verification


  • In the case of examination participation, examination fees are added to the training price.

  • The exam is taken by the VDA QMC.  The Zoom software is used for online examinations. The use of a webcam is mandatory.

  • Additional fees apply for exam and certification as published  on the Website of VDA-QMC

  • The attendees have to apply for the certification at the VDA after passing the examination. This is an additional process after the training.

Further information:

  • This training is exclusively taught by experienced intacs® Certified Principal Assessors with extensive practical assessment experience. In addition, they are accredited intacs® instructors.

  • The training material is available in English.

  • Each participant will receive training documents as well as a confirmation of participation.

  • When conducted online, all materials are provided electronically in pdf format.

Duration: 5 days

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