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Comprehensive automotive Functional safety solutions for all your needs.
In the intricate landscape of automotive Functional Safety and ISO 26262, our tailored services and expertise ensure your systems meet the highest safety standards. Whether you require safety assessment, concept development, integration and testing, or certification support, we stand as your trusted partner on the road to automotive safety excellence.

Functional Safety Life Cycle Management

We develop a comprehensive functional safety plan and manage the entire end-to-end functional safety activities, safety culture, competence management, safety case, safety compliance, certification, and liabilities in collaboration with the Project Management and Product Management teams

  • Our comprehensive Functional Safety services begin with a rigorous assessment, ensuring your automotive systems adhere to the ISO 26262 standard. We provide:

  • In-depth analysis of safety goals and hazard classifications.

  • Evaluation of safety mechanisms, safety requirements, and operational scenarios.

  • Identification of potential risks and safety risks.

  • Tailored recommendations for mitigating safety concerns.

We excel in safety analysis and concept development, essential for ISO 26262 compliance. Our support includes:

  • Hazard and Risk Assessment, taking into account both systematic and random failures.

  • Development of a safety concept tailored to your specific automotive system.

  • Implementation of fail-safe and fault-tolerant designs.

  • Verification and validation of safety measures to meet safety integrity levels (ASILs).

Team Task
Team Task

Process Development, Improvement

We prepare guidelines, checklists, and process documents to enable process automation and productivity improvements, aimed at reaching ASPICE and safety process maturity levels, while also improving efficiency to achieve a faster time to market.

Safety Analysis and Concept Development

Documentation and Certification

Reviewing Reports at Desk

We guide you through the critical documentation and certification phase, helping you achieve ISO 26262 compliance and automotive safety certification:

  • Preparation of detailed safety documentation, including safety manuals and technical safety reports.

  • Coordination with certification authorities to facilitate a smooth certification process.

  • Continuous updates and improvements to ensure ongoing compliance.

  • Expert support to obtain necessary safety certifications and approvals.

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