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Comprehensive automotive cybersecurity solutions for all your needs.

Cybersecurity Development 

Our cybersecurity development services encompass the following stages and activities based on ISO 21434:

  • Defining cybersecurity items

  • Establishing cybersecurity goals

  • Formulating cybersecurity requirements

  • Creating cybersecurity concepts

  • Designing cybersecurity solutions

  • Integrating cybersecurity mechanisms

  • Implementing cybersecurity monitoring

  • Conducting vulnerability analysis

Cybersecurity Management

Our cybersecurity management services assist companies in implementing crucial organizational and project-specific activities:

  • Developing cybersecurity policies and processes

  • Establishing effective cybersecurity governance

  • Cultivating a strong cybersecurity culture

  • Facilitating information sharing on cybersecurity matters

  • Conducting organizational cybersecurity audits

  • Planning cybersecurity activities

  • Handling cybersecurity cases and incidents

  • Performing cybersecurity assessments

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Cybersecurity Verification & Validation

Our cybersecurity verification and validation services support companies in conducting thorough assessments at the vehicle, item, or ECU level. We specialize in the following areas:

  • Ensuring compliance with modeling or coding guideline

  • Performing verification activities, including review, analysis, simulation, prototyping, requirement-based tests, interface tests, and static and dynamic analysis

  • Conducting various testing methodologies such as functional testing, penetration testing, fuzz testing, and more

  • Validating the achievement of cybersecurity goals

Cybersecurity Analysis

Cybersecurity analysis, we perform TARA to evaluate, identify, and mitigate cybersecurity risks at the vehicle or system level to prevent cybersecurity attacks.

TARA includes mainly the following activities:

  • Asset Identification

  • Threat scenario identification

  • Impact rating

  • Attack path analysis

  • Attack feasibility rating

  • Risk value determination

  • Risk treatment decision

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