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Automotive Cybersecurity - ISO 21434


want to be a Professional Expertise in Automotive Cybersecurity According to ISO 21434

01 Automotive cybersecurity Training

Our vocational qualification training of the Cybersecurity Training Program supports engineers and professionals in the Cybersecurity business to deepen their knowledge and practical experience in accordance with the ISO 21434 international standard.

02 Comprehensive Curriculum

Our training covers a wide range of topics including Security engineering, Threat analysis risk analysis (TARA), Product development and UNECE.WP29 and R155 Regulations, Security Mechanisms.

03 Industry Recognition

Our training program is award-winning and has been recognized globally for its excellence in providing engineers and professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge in Automotive Cybersecurity according to the ISO 21434 international standard and With a valid 3 Years Certificate

This vocational qualification training of the  Automotive cybersecurity Training Program supports engineers (and/or persons of the Automotive cybersecurity business) to deepen their knowledge and their experience in order to achieve a worldwide acknowledged know-how and practical experience within the area of Automotive Cybersecurity according to ISO 21434 international standard.

Target Group:

Developers, project leaders, quality managers and tester who are mainly engaged in the development of security-related systems for use in cars on the basis of the draft international standard ISO 21434. This training imparts basic knowledge, which enables developers to transfer the requirements of the standard ISO 21434 most effectively.

Our comprehensive training program covers a wide range of topics Such as​

Day - 1

  • Introduction to Automotive Cybersecurity

  • Overview & Implementation of ISO 21434 and R155

  •  Overall Cybersecurity Management – Clause 5 & 6

  • Continual Cybersecurity Activities – Claus 7,8

  • TARA ( Threat Analysis and Risk Analysis) – Clause 15

Day - 2

  •  TARA ( Threat Analysis and Risk Analysis) – Clause 15 (Continued..)

  •  Clause 9,10 (Concept Phase and Product development)

  •  Clause 11,12,13,14 (Verification and validation, Post-development Phase)

  •  ISO 21434 Cybersecurity process flow

  •  Co-Relation between FUSA and Cybersecurity

  • Cybersecurity in Autosar

Highlight: Before Training Let us Know your Project Insight we Prepare TARA According to it for Better understanding

Event Overview:

In the year 2021, DestroSolutions exclusively delivers this training via online platforms. The sessions span across 5 mornings, each extending for 4 hours, thoughtfully factoring in breaks. The conclusive online examination is administered on the subsequent day.

Upon the resumption of in-person gatherings, the training format transitions into an efficient 3-day schedule. The exam is thoughtfully slated for the fourth day, with the Our Certificate Provider facility as the backdrop.

For participants who fulfill the requirements and emerge triumphant in the exam, the prestigious  certificate for the Automotive domain is the gratifying reward.

Examination Insights:
The exam is anticipated to last approximately 3 hours

Multiple choice Question

TARA Exercise


  • Each training day starts at 9 am and ends at approx. 4.30 pm. Coffee breaks are planned during the morning and afternoon session. Lunch is at 1 pm. Participants will get the training material / documents as hand out.

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