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Industrial or Operational Cybersecurity IEC- 62443


DestroSolutions offers this training within the new Cyber Security Training Program.

Participants have the possibility to obtain an official verification of their expertise in Cyber Securty. By continuous participation in this 4 day training and passing a final exam successfully, they will receive a "CySec Specialist" certificate.

This certificate states that specific knowledge within the field of Cyber Security in Industrial Application for Component design and development has been achieved.

The training focuses on technical details regarding the development of system components which need to fulfill a Security Level (SL). All requirements of relevant standards to achieve a product with a defined security level, will be introduced and discussed.

Emphasis will also be put on the analysis of weak points, specific security related product development and documentation issues as well as required test or assessment processes.

Contents of this training refer to the international standard IEC 62443. Topics will be explained and discussed on the basis of concrete examples.

We recommend to attend the one-day workshop "Cyber Security in Industrial Automation" as preparation for the training.

Target Group

Developers, testers, programmers, project managers etc. who are responsible for the development of control systems and network components for industrial automation.


Day - 1

Security in Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS)

Basics of Cyber Security



Legal Aspects

Security Level


Day 2

Management Plan

Security Risk Assessment and Threat Modelling​

Secure Software Development Process

  • Software Architecture Design

  • Detailed Software Design

  • Module Implementation

  • Module Testing


Day 3

Security Verification and Validation

Patch- and Update Management

Security Guidelines

Technical Requirements and Application of IEC 62443-4-2

Day 4

Exam: duration approx. 3-4 hours.


  • Each training day starts at 9 am and ends at approx. 5.30 pm. Coffee breaks are planned during the morning and afternoon session. Lunch is at 1 pm. Participants will get the training material / documents as hand out.


Requirements for the "CySec Specialist" Certificate

Participants shall fulfil the following requirements:

  • A minimum of 3 years experience in the field of safety or security of industrial control systems.

  • technical degree (Bachelor, Master, Diplom or similar) as engineer, IT specialist or professional, computer scientist, physicist (or)

  • equivalent experience and responsibilities as certified by employer.


(Persons without any experience may attend the training and exam. In case of passing the exam the CySec Specialist  certificate will be issued as soon as 3 years of required business experience are fulfilled.)

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